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Umeå University - Faculty of Science and Technology Master in Chemistry
Umeå University - Faculty of Science and Technology

Master in Chemistry

Umeå, سويد

2 Years


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02 Sep 2024

SEK ١٤٢٬٨٠٠ / per year *

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* Total fee 285,600SEK


Master's Programme in Chemistry

The Master´s programme in Chemistry deepens your knowledge of proteins' function in the body, chemicals’ effect in the environment, and of the development of new pharmaceuticals. The education has close proximity to three strong research areas at Umeå University – medicinal chemistry, environmental chemistry and protein chemistry. Your future career is as a scientist, in the industry or with public authorities.

The Master´s programme in Chemistry provides you with knowledge for solving and critically assessing chemistry-related problems. You will learn how to compile, analyse, critically review, and present scientific texts and your own data.

Advanced methods of analysis

The first year includes four in-depth courses that cover tools and theories in modern chemistry and brings you to a level required for the following profile courses. The training provided in these courses focuses primarily on advanced instrumental methodologies for chemical analysis, and modelling and interpretation of physiochemical and biochemical phenomena. These courses also offer intense laboratory training to prepare you well for more advanced courses and work towards your Master's thesis in the second year.

Proximity to strong research

The three profiles of the Master's programme match the strong research areas of the Chemistry Department; environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry and protein chemistry. Your teachers are scientists and the projects you will do during your education always have a close relation to ongoing research projects.

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All teaching is in English.

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