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Tufts University - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences MA in History
Tufts University - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

MA in History

Medford, الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

2 Years


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The master's program in history is a small, selective program of graduate study that emphasizes a comparative understanding of the historical process. It is organized around colloquia in comparative and regional topics, the preparation of specific fields, and individual research in consultation with a faculty member.

Learning Objectives

  • Interpret primary and secondary sources quickly and critically.
  • Understand printed and electronic historical research aids, exhibit knowledge of bibliographical search procedures, and have the ability to effectively develop research bibliographies.
  • Understand the broad outlines of historical interpretation and narrative in a field of specialization.
  • Display knowledge of dominant schools of historical explanation and narrative, and exhibit the ability to apply the various interpretative frameworks to the investigation of data.
  • Exhibit disciplined habits of research through experience at gathering primary and secondary historical data and effectively storing them so as to be readily retrieved.
  • Construct a historical argument—marshaling arguments for interpretation or narrative involving complex data—and write up results or narrative in clear, persuasive language.
  • Display facility at presenting historical arguments orally and describing research and findings to an audience.
  • Exhibit knowledge of a language other than English, sufficient for research into sources in that language.
  • Work cooperatively on the investigation of an area of historical inquiry and be able to accommodate one’s own research to findings of co-researchers.
  • Exhibit an elementary ability to lead classroom discussion of historical material, assess historical work, and organize readings and agenda for analysis into an effective syllabus.


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