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University of Pécs MA in English Studies
University of Pécs

MA in English Studies

Pécs, مجر

2 Years


دوام كامل

15 Jul 2024

Sep 2024

EUR ٢٬٥٠٠ / per semester *

في الحرم الجامعي

* لكل فصل دراسي (للطلاب من خارج الاتحاد الأوروبي)؛ 1900 يورو لكل فصل دراسي (لطلاب الاتحاد الأوروبي). رسوم الطلب 140 يورو.


The goal of the degree program is to train experts in the field of English Studies who have sound theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge of the English language and can apply such knowledge in practice. They have thorough knowledge and understanding of the literature, culture and the social and political systems of English-speaking countries, including Great Britain, Ireland and Canada, the major trends and research fields of modern theoretical and applied linguistics and their results that mainly apply to the English language. They can apply the acquired knowledge in the business sector, the media, education, diplomacy, at institutions engaged in international relations, in tourism, the publishing sector, tender agencies, local, regional and national government offices and, in general, in the cultural public sphere. They are prepared to pursue studies in doctoral degree programs.



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