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University of Pécs MA in International Relations
University of Pécs

MA in International Relations

Pécs, مجر

2 Years


دوام كامل

15 Jul 2024

Sep 2024

EUR ٢٬٥٠٠ / per semester *

في الحرم الجامعي

* per semester (for non-EU students); 1900 EUR per semester (for EU students). Application fee EUR 140.


The International Relations MA degree is an interdisciplinary course addressing the global challenges and political and social issues. The goal of the program is not only to train highly qualified experts with broad education in the social sciences, but also to train critical citizens who can understand global policies, uncover political manipulations and can interprete processes in an objective way, considering multiple perspectives. We have a wide range of courses focusing on political processes, electoral systems and global issues, dealing with the developing countries and the growing Asian states, while we also offer a deep insight into the European and Central Eastern European issues.



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